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Sundays: Worship What is Important in Your Life

The parts of our lives that become ritual seem to increase, as we get older.  We nurture our inner selves through these rituals, even if we’re no longer conscious of  them. Sundays are good examples of how our rituals keep us grounded in our family, beliefs, relationships, even our jobs.  They sort of bring us to our  Zen gardens, our inner peace and our meanings of a sabbath. The strengths of our sabbath rituals are evident by the fact that we perform them even if, on occasion, it may be a work day.  The rituals are a simple celebration of our spiritual and sociological DNA.  They define our lives as they once were, how they are, and what they have become, even perhaps of how they could have been….


As a New Yorker, (once a New Yorker….) living in Florida, I have a few rituals that are without a doubt a “New York thing”.  Sunday morning ” breakfast in bed”  means; bagels cream cheese, The New York Times, the TV tuned to Meet The Press and a good pot of coffee.  The paper and the bagels were probably bought the night before on your way home, from a Saturday night out.  Until recently the TIMES was replaced by the local news paper and the bagels by croissants.  I’ve found myself coming back to the comfort of the old ritual over and over again.  I’ve recently subscribed to The TIMES again, only now I read it on my laptop, but not in bed.  Something about breakfast in bed sort of dictates there be snow on the ground or a good thunder-storm.  We don’t get the snow and, this year, we really haven’t had the thunder storms.  The simple act of reading the Sunday paper as you eat a light breakfast is comforting and relaxing, spending the whole morning doing it is almost mandatory, doing it as your loved ones mill around you is priceless.

What are some of the “sabbath rituals” that are still comforting to you, and what may be some you no longer get to enjoy…and why?


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