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Wikipedia, defines  Matriarchy (also gynecocracy) refers to a gynecocentric form of society, in which the leading role is taken by the female and especially by the mothers of a community.

Today would have been my Grandmother’s Birthday….Abuela was our matriarch for many years, our historian, our adviser, at times baby-sitter, at times banker and loan officer.  Comming out of poverty in the Dominican Republic, she knew how to stretch a dollar.  Her home was our center, her life our path to the “American Dream“.  She was rich in ways not measured in dollars, and we were all enriched by having her in our lives.

Abuela was a perennial part of my life growing up in New York and later as an adult in Florida.  She was there for every major event in her family’s five generations, here in the United States.  In the early years in the spotlight, later in her life, in the background even when she was not physically present, she was the glue that bound our families.    She always gave us the illusion of family stability, even at the times in her life, unbeknown to us, her personal life was not as stable as she led on .  You could always look to her and know everything was going to be alright, because family was all that mattered, “blood “, was truly,”thicker than water”.


In remembrance, I would like those of you that knew her, to visit my blog and post your fondest memories of a truly GOOD woman.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABUELA!


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  1. Even though we could not communicate by speaking, she had a language of love that she shared with all. Miranda remembers always going to visit and having her special cookies and milk. She would ask Abuela “Yo quiero un vaso de leche?” Abuela would take her in her arms and squeeze her lovingly. We miss you and Happy Birthday!

  2. I had no idea you wrote a blog, how wonderful!

    I have too many memories of Yaya to list here, and so many of them were wonderful. She was such a huge part of my life, of all of our lives, it’s hard to imagine her not being around anymore. Even now, I have her picture on my desk here at work. I miss her so much. I talk about her all the time. Such a funny, caring, generous woman. So full of love.

    Some things that make me smile when I think of Yaya: The day she taught me how to make black beans and rice when I was young and silly enough to think she had a recipe (HA HA HA!); how she’d always pretend-threaten to hit Yayo with a cane if he kept acting up; the way she would sing-talk when she was doing some chore or other (a habit I think I picked up from her, by the way); how she gave the greatest hugs in the world. Happy birthday, Yaya.

    I love you and miss you.

  3. Looking at that picture of us with mom makes me feel so glad that we celebrated her 90th birthday, because she missed the 91st by a month (little did we know). She really was the glue that kept the family together. She always tried to bring us together even with relatives that we hardly knew, but she was our common thread. In her unpretentious way, she had a presence that is not soon forgotten. I feel it almost everyday. Mom, you’re gone from my sight, but I carry you in my heart!
    Happy Birthday!!


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