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The New Year is here and I am in a reflective mood.  I could write a really long blog, and just call it a memoir, or I could just tell you what makes me thankful this year.  I’m sure you prefer the latter, so here we go.

Christmas 2010

Thirty years ago I was in a near fatal encounter with a locomotive.  I’ll start with …. Thank God It Was Not Fatal!  The BUTTERFLY EFFECT….is the reason I have a healthy fish tank.  I guess everything-in-between is the “nut” of the story.

If I had died that day, I would not be happily married with children. If I had died that day, I would not be living in “sunny Florida”, if I had died that day, I would not have a tropical fish tank, therefore these fish may not be alive today, in a clean healthy tank.

I should not leave the story there.  The “jokester” in me is tempted, but then where would be the story?  The story is simple…I am here so my world (my life) exist. I take no credit, but I take great pride.  I have a happy succesful wife, three wonderful kids a beautiful grand-daughter, four cats and yes “a clean healthy fish tank”…all because I did not die, “the Butterfly Effect”.  The “Butterfly Effect, is Gods Plan”.  I do not begin to understand….I just know the fish appear happy.

This year, blessed my wife Cathy and I, with a full house.  This year, as many around me found themselves without jobs, I found the “fun” in mine.  This year as many around me lost their homes, I found the fullness of mine.  This year, as many, as well as myself, lost loved ones, I learned to love, some new ones.

I do not look at the “New Year”, as a new start but as a continuation of a good life.


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Loves life and those that love theirs.

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  1. You keep getting better and better. Your survival made me live again. I love you.

  2. Sometime a close encounter teach us the Value of Life… may we all utilize it to the fullest…
    and Thanks for ” a clean healthy fish tank” 🙂
    Have a wonderful year ahead with family,


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