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I’ve gotten very used to my new surroundings.  I love the view of the gulf, early in the mornings as well as late in the evenings.  I love the balcony view of the sunrises as well as the sunsets.  I miss being near family.  I don’t understand it.  I did not visit with them all that often.  I didn’t just drop by.  I didn’t drop by to  barrow a cup of sugar.  I knew they were just a moment away, just the same.  I miss it.

My sister recently reminded me of this with her face-book post “I spent my entire life searching only to finally find that everything I ever wanted and needed…..I always already had right in front of me…the search is over home is where my soul is….. “NO SH*T WELCOME TO THE PARTY!”, is how I responded.  It was an off the cuff remark at first, but I soon realized how true that was.


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