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The 3rd Annual Birthday Bash

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Sunset On Madeira Beach

We recently had our “2nd Annual Birthday Bash”.  It was held at our home, on Madeira Beach, Florida.  A good time was had by everyone who came.  It will be memories, Cathy (my wife of over 20 years)  and I will carry in our hearts forever.

The Birthday Party (a “tradition” started in 2010), became a three-day affair, this year.  We started the party as  a way to celebrate a few family members’ birthday, all at one time. It was an excuse to gather the family together and have a BBQ by the pool, topped off with a birthday cake.   It has become so much more. A “Birthday Party”, is no longer an adequate description.  It has become more  a celebration of, “FAMILY”.

This year, the party coincided with our vacations, so we were able to expand it a bit more.  My family recently relocated to Madeira Beach  (we previously lived in Titusville, Florida), so some of our guests traveled to our home and stayed at motels near-by. This allowed us to make the party a longer event.  This also allowed everyone to spend more time together and gave us all the “space” to do our own thing.  It was more of a short “Vacation Getaway”.  It was a stay-cation for our household.


We started our party on Friday night, with a visit from Miranda’s  (our daughter) boyfriend’s  parents.  We sat on the porch and talked, drank and laughed into the night.  It was the first time, I had met them and I had a good time.  It was a very good start to a fantastic weekend.


We spent the next day prepping for Sunday’s Brunch and afternoon BBQ.  If you want to be a participant in your own party and not just a caterer, I’ve found that prep time is very important.   I’ve learned to prepare platters, side dishes and  even pre-cook some of the BBQ items in advance.  When you plan an event, that not only takes all day, but in our case more than one day…you have to expect that your guest will not be present at all parts of your event, or even all show up at a set time for any one part.  We anticipated this and had a few extra appetizers/side dishes that we could put out throughout the days as needed.  This worked out best in the hours in-between our Brunch and BBQ on Sunday.  In some of my earlier BBQs, as I finished grilling…my guest where getting ready to leave.   This year was more pleasurable.  This was the next best thing to having the weekend catered.  We were cook, host and guest/participants.  It was such an enjoyable experience.

The Gulf Of Mexico

We moved to this beach community recently , we live on The Gulf Of Mexico now (it’s right across the street), and that gave us the extra option, for our guest, to not only cool off in the pool but also on the beach.  It added the feeling of a vacation getaway.  Our guest were able to stay at motels in the intimidate area and come and go as they wished.  Some even stayed an extra day.  That extra day gave us the opportunity to use the leftovers in another Brunch.  This extra day also enabled us to take part in tourist activities (John’s Pass) with the family.  That alone was worth all the work that went into the “Bash”.  We spent that day with my parents and grand-daughter (a day that will live in my heart for years to come).  We capped the day off with some of the best Pizza, I’ve found in Florida, since I moved here from NY.  We could not have wished for a better end, to a wonderful three days.

The 2ND ANNUAL BIRTHDAY BASH was a success. I made a photo video of the event, you can see it by clicking


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  1. It looks and sounds like you all had a great time. Thank you for sharing. I love the video on You Tube. You have a great family. Love the sunset pics so beautiful. We still miss you at 2909. Take care my friend. Christa

  2. Thank-you Christa. We did have a great time, and I do miss you all, at 2909.


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