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I Love My Life

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I Love My Life

As I start to feel at-ease in our new home…..


I am starting to feel a renewed sense of vitality, hope and anticipation.  I’m starting to feel a little artistic, creative and appreciative.  I look around me with a sense of wonder.  I start to look back at the recent past and look in anticipation, to the near future.  I am entering a new phase in my life.  I love my life.

I start my mornings, on one of our balconies facing the Gulf, a cup a coffee/tea or orange juice in my hand and anticipation in my mind.  The sea salts filling my lungs, a perfect view of the sea-gulls shitting on our cars, or my wayward cat making friends with the wildlife..snakes, gulls, armadillos, and raccoons.  It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to earn his keep. I have a front seat to the sun, both morning and evenings.  I count my blessings, dawn to dusk.  I end my days as I’ve started them.

I am starting to count every minute of the day as my salary, and I’m willing to work for half as much.  It is amazing how our lives can change by just separating ourselves from the “toxic jobs, lifestyles or friends and family”.  A good “house cleaning” is needed every once in a while.  If there is a God, He smiles on me daily, and I smile in appreciation.

My life is not perfect, but I have the ingredients to make it so.


Supermoon (almost) (via Tau Zero)

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Supermoon (almost) Saturday is the night of the “supermoon” – a full moon when it is closest to earth.  Has not happened for 19 years.  (Thanks to Sean for the clarification!) I don’t know if we will have clear skies on Saturday so I decided to get a shot of the almost-supermoon tonight.  This was done with my Nikon D7000 camera, a tripod, and an 18-200mm zoom lens.  Settings were ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125 second exposure. You can see a larger version by clicking or go … Read More

via Tau Zero

How to Build a Better Baboon (via Decent Exposure)

All these photo blogs are making me want to run out and get my passport.

How to Build a Better Baboon I really like the image above, taken at Lake Nakuru, Kenya on a rainy afternoon (we had to go find our African guides and drag them out, but that’s a story for another day). If you like a photograph, it is not a bad idea to analyze it a bit to see what it is you like, so, just maybe, you can do that again some day. I figured out one major … Read More

via Decent Exposure

Tibet Day 7 (Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse) (via Adamlai’s Photoblog)

I stumbled across this Photoblog.   The photographs are great.  It makes you want to grab your camera and go…

Tibet Day 7 (Lhasa  - Gyantse - Shigatse) After 2 days rest as Lhasa, We continue our road trip to shigatse. Scenery along Lhasa river. The beautiful Landscape and the morning sunlight make a perfect photo The prayer flag mark the site of the water burial at Lhasa river. Though not considered as prestigious as sky burial, water burial is believed to be better than putting the body in the earth. the road soon bring us to a mountain area in which the road is construct around the mountain. … Read More

via Adamlai’s Photoblog




I was reading some “posts” on face book recently, and was intrigued by what I read. I saw where “DOWNTOWN TITUSVILLE” was encouraging its residents to come re-discover the down-town shops and restaurants.  I thought that would be a great thing to do for a Saturday off from work during this holiday season.  It turned out to be a very pleasant day.

My wife Cathy and I decided we would spend a few minutes exploring the shops, I would take a few photographs and we would move on to some other holiday activity.  Titusville is trying to re-build the downtown area.  It’s been slow and our residents have not really supported the area shops and restaurants in a meaningful way.  We were pleasantly surprised by some of the newer shops.

Soup and A Sandwich

Cathy wanted to step into Cafe Chocolate and buy some fudge, we did not realize it was both a chocolate shop and a cafe.  It was a nice surprise.  We bought some candy and decided to return at another time for lunch.  We walked around the streets for a short time and found ourselves in the Sunrise Bakery, where we bought some bread and breakfast scones.  We took a few more photographs and were ready to head somewhere else when we came across some people setting themselves up, curb-side, with some folding chairs and card tables.  Brief inquiries revealed, to our surprise,  the Christmas Parade would be starting in a couple of hours.

Browsing the Bakery

Cathy and I decided we could go back to Cafe Chocolate, eat a light brunch, then come out and watch the parade.  We called the kids, and they agreed to come down and meet us, after we ate.  Suddenly the afternoon was developing into a Christmas outing.  Lunch was good even if our soups, “french onion”, were a little disappointing.  I make better.

French Onion Soup

The parade started late and it was a little cold, so we kept warm in the car, we were parked just a few feet from the parade route.  The warm car and a “coffee to go” made the wait worth it.  We ran into a few friends, visited with others.  We waved to a few participants we recognized and shouted Merry Christmas to the ones we didn’t, we laughed and carried on like little kids amazed by the wonder of a “small town Christmas Parade.  I’ve posted some of the photographs on the Christmas Page and hope You enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taken them.

We didn’t go out looking for Christmas, but happily it found us, right here in our backyard.  The cost was small but the reward was great.  To paraphrase Tiny Tim, God Bless us one and all!

Eye Dominance

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Eye Dominance.