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It was the 4th annual BIRTHDAY BASH….with a twist this year !

Miranda’s “baby shower” was included, and baby Wyatt was born soon after.

I spent most of the summer on crutches….

The full story to follow !

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I don’t have a lack of ideas for future post…just a lack of time, to write them.


I recently responded to , what I thought was an e-mail from Microsoft, informing me that people were fraudulently registering e-mail addresses.I was asked to confirm my address and password, or my account would be frozen.  I was dumb enough, to respond.  I was distracted by something else I was doing and just didn’t think it through.

One day later my contact list was used to inform my friends and family , that “I” was stranded in Malaysia and needed money to get home.  It was from my actual e-mail account, but originating from the other side of the word.  Fortunately my friends and family were smart enough to pick up the phone, and look into it.  Changing my password and account information was a little tricky, but did not take very long.  The fact that Microsoft has a procedure for easily doing this was a little depressing, it means that this happens often.

I was at work, when I started to receive phone calls from my concerned family, and not having a very good night.  I was in fact wishing I was somewhere else, just not Malaysia. I’m sure that parts of the country are beautiful and would make for great photographs, but the e-mail suggested that it’s possible to get robed of all you money and documentation.  Why else would this type of scam work?


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Was under construction….now back on line.

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I have moved from “Post a Day”, to “Post a Week”‘ challenge….it’s the best way for me to have all the fun I can, with my Blog.

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Part of reading a blog….is participating.


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Yesterday was a sad day in our nation.

Political discourse, should be  “civil discourse”….not a call to arms, NOT IN THIS COUNTRY!  Violence has no place in politics, outside  of war, and only then … in defense of “Homeland”.  Words have consequences.  We should not stir the “nut bowl” unless we are prepared to clean up the mess.

I will keep a good thought for the families of those affected by this awful tragedy.   I hope you all will do the same.