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This is a “Magical Mystery Tour” of my Life.

I’ve had a good life.  I would like to share it with an extended ” family”.   This BLOG is a work in progress.  I hope those who come here enjoy what they see, and see fit  to contribute. A blog can be a living thing, brought to life by interaction and participation.   Comments and contributions are welcome, and encouraged.


I will, from time to time post my thoughts, opinions and illustrations of my life.  I hope to make you smile, make you laugh maybe make you think, I hopefully will make you come back for more.

I’ve been blessed in life with a wonderful wife, children and grandchildren. My life has always been eventful and there have been few regrets.   I try to live every day as if it may be my last.  I try to stay positive and try to surround  my self with people who feel the same.  I live for today but always look forward to tomorrow.  Come along with me, I promise it will never be boring…the “Magical Mystery Tour”, is just beginning !



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