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Supermoon (almost) (via Tau Zero)

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Supermoon (almost) Saturday is the night of the “supermoon” – a full moon when it is closest to earth.  Has not happened for 19 years.  (Thanks to Sean for the clarification!) I don’t know if we will have clear skies on Saturday so I decided to get a shot of the almost-supermoon tonight.  This was done with my Nikon D7000 camera, a tripod, and an 18-200mm zoom lens.  Settings were ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125 second exposure. You can see a larger version by clicking or go … Read More

via Tau Zero


Back to the Real World

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My vacation ends in the morning.  It was a working vacation, because I spent most of it moving into our new place.  A couple hundred boxes later I am ready to get back to a regular work week.

We are all starting to get comfortable in our new place.  We’ve moved most of the trash out of our way, set up most of the rooms, turned on the utilities and essentials.  The groceries have been bought, the cats and fish have been relocated.  It’s starting to feel like home.The neighborhood has been explored and the neighbors vetted.  We’ve mapped our routes, to our jobs as well as the most important retail locations.

We have had our share of getting lost and learned not to trust our navigation systems.  The car compass and knowing where we are heading, has been the most reliable.  You are never truly lost, if you’re happy with your final destination.

It took us two months, to make the move.  Cathy and the handbook from her employer, made the logistics seem effortless, it wasn’t.  Cathy did a terrific job.  The moving company was awesome.  Our employers were cooperative, on the most part.  It was the perfect storm of fortunate events.

I was twenty years in my previous home.  I never planed to move again.  The economic realities changed things.  We are very happy with our new reality.

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I am at times amazed, at how grand life can be, I am never disappointed.  It has ever-changing opportunities.  The challenge I experience every morning, as I find myself on a brand new path, is a blessing.   The new sunrise is my starting gun, the sunset my new finish line.  There has never been a promise that life would be easy, but I feel you have to “help”, if you want it to be harder.

My life has taken on a new path.  I don’t know where it will lead, but my family has happily taken the road by my side……

We’ve Moved On

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Well we are in our new home.  We are 80% through unpacking twenty years of memories.

It has gone as smooth as we could have hoped.  I’m not going to say there were not moments, when we would have thrown each other into a packing box and mailed it to a far-way destination.  We didn’t.  We pulled together and made it work.  In five days we packed-up our house and moved it clear across this state and unpacked it.  It has been an amazing week.

The week was filled with some interesting twist.  I wasn’t sure about my transfer.  Cathy had to attend her AT&T annual two-day conference, in the middle of the move.  Meow, our beloved 18-year-old cat had to be put to sleep, and Kilo had to be “fixed” and d-clawed.  We had to figure a way to move, a 50 gallon fish tank and 35 fish (only lost 3 fish), not to mention the four cats.  The execution of the logistics (thanks to Cathy) would have made NASA proud.

I had a moment when a bucket lid and a fish hit me in the head during a very short stop on I-4, when I asked myself WTF.  We moved on.  Unwrapping a drain cover, the movers had wrapped in a half-dozen sheets of paper, made me scratch my head more than once.  We moved on.  Knowing that the neighborhood gathers across the street on the beach, to watch the sunset, every night makes me feel as warm as the sunset.  We’ve moved on.

Moving Day

As moving day approaches, I am filled with a wide range of emotions.  I feel excitement and anticipation, but also a little sadness and apprehension.   I am leaving a place I’ve called home for over twenty years.  A new chapter of our lives is about to begin, bringing with it new paths to follow, new hills to climb and the promise of new sunsets as well as sunrises.


I recently responded to , what I thought was an e-mail from Microsoft, informing me that people were fraudulently registering e-mail addresses.I was asked to confirm my address and password, or my account would be frozen.  I was dumb enough, to respond.  I was distracted by something else I was doing and just didn’t think it through.

One day later my contact list was used to inform my friends and family , that “I” was stranded in Malaysia and needed money to get home.  It was from my actual e-mail account, but originating from the other side of the word.  Fortunately my friends and family were smart enough to pick up the phone, and look into it.  Changing my password and account information was a little tricky, but did not take very long.  The fact that Microsoft has a procedure for easily doing this was a little depressing, it means that this happens often.

I was at work, when I started to receive phone calls from my concerned family, and not having a very good night.  I was in fact wishing I was somewhere else, just not Malaysia. I’m sure that parts of the country are beautiful and would make for great photographs, but the e-mail suggested that it’s possible to get robed of all you money and documentation.  Why else would this type of scam work?

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