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Pig Roast Prep

We did the prep work seasoning and brining at My parents condo, because it had an empty refrigerator we could use.


A few well placed infusions of flavor were used on the pigs “rear”, after brining for two days, but we forgot to inject the front half when we brought it back to the house to cook.

The pig was wrapped in cheese cloth that was soaked in butter, herbs and coca-cola for color.  In hindsight, the cheese cloth should have been basted more often and removed sooner so that the skin would have gotten crisper.

At first we tried brining the pig in doubled up trash bags but as it turned out…there were holes in the bag and we started to lose the solution.

We thought quickly and transferred the pig halves to this trash can and made new brining solution and put the whole trash can in the refrigerator.

We should have pierced the skin to lessen the splitting and cooked a little longer at a higher temperature in order to make the skin crisper.


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