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I recently spent a few hours at Parrish Medical  Center and I’m happy to say, they were not wasted hours.

I was there with my wife Cathy, for a surgical procedure.  It was planed and it went well.  So yes, I was there under different circumstances than some of the visitors of the hospital.  I had the luxury of not being there in an emergency situation, and I was not the person having the procedure.  I have to say these are two factors that made my visit more pleasurable than the experiences of most.

As I’ve mentioned the visit was scheduled, so the waiting area was not the emergency room.  It was the “Surgical Room Waiting Area”.  There was a TV going with CNN playing and the coffee was hot and free.  The best part was free internet and I had the forethought of bringing my laptop and additional reading materials.  As we waited I caught up on my e-mails, checked Facebook, edited my blog, and chatted, in person, with my wife.  The room was warm and toasty and since it wasn’t an actual emergency waiting room, the surrounding conversations were upbeat, spirited, lively and worth eavesdropping on.  The time moved along briskly and Cathy was called-in, in what appeared to be a short time.

While my wife was in surgery, I went down to the Cafe in the main lobby.  I had a great lunch.  The entrée was “stuffed chicken, with traditional bread stuffing, seasoned mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed mixed vegetables”.  This is a direct quote from the menu, and an accurate description.  It was good and reasonably priced.  I ate my feast as I read THE TIMES, on-line, while a pianist played live just yards away.   I followed this up by sneaking a cigarette in the garden…it was cold, so I had the garden to myself.  I then returned upstairs to wait for the surgery to be over, not that I was in any danger of not knowing when it was over, when I first arrived I was given a beeper so I could be summoned at the right moment. they thought of everything.

While I waited, I watched part of a movie, on Netflix, (and had the nerve to complain to myself, when there wasn’t enough bandwidth and the movie had to restart), surfed the net some-more, chatted with old friends on-line, even re-connected with a childhood crush and had a very pleasant conversation with the couple seated next to me.  All-in-all a very nice afternoon.

I’m thankful that all went well.  I’m thankful for health insurance, many are not as lucky.  I’m thankful for the technology, accommodations and comfortable surroundings the hospital was thoughtful enough to provide, in what could have been a stressful situation.  I’m thankful of the fact that I’ve come to the point in my life that I’m able to see the “silver lining”, when it is presented to me.  I’m thankful!