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Happy New Year

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It was a busy Holiday Season…Thanksgiving melted into birthdays, into Christmas, into birthdays, into anniversaries, into the New Year.  Working in retail meant I was also part of my regular customers’ busy lives as well as my own.

I would not have missed a moment of it, and am glad I didn’t.  I participated in birthday parties, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and a Pig Roast.  I went to parades, visited a few malls, watched a few good movies and reconnected with some long-lost friends.  I visited with anxious families in a Hospital setting as well as anxious customers at the store.  I was reminded of what a great life I have, and how blessed I am.

I am thankful the new year gives me the opportunity to continue on “Life’s Strange Trip”.  I hope there will be many more stops along the way.  I’ve added a Video Page to the blog so that I can share more of the great stops along the way, and I hope that you all will continue to share in the adventure that is my life.



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The New Year is here and I am in a reflective mood.  I could write a really long blog, and just call it a memoir, or I could just tell you what makes me thankful this year.  I’m sure you prefer the latter, so here we go.

Christmas 2010

Thirty years ago I was in a near fatal encounter with a locomotive.  I’ll start with …. Thank God It Was Not Fatal!  The BUTTERFLY EFFECT….is the reason I have a healthy fish tank.  I guess everything-in-between is the “nut” of the story.

If I had died that day, I would not be happily married with children. If I had died that day, I would not be living in “sunny Florida”, if I had died that day, I would not have a tropical fish tank, therefore these fish may not be alive today, in a clean healthy tank. Read the rest of this entry

Eggnog Sugar Cookies (via Patent and the Pantry)

WOW can’t wait to try and I don’t bake, you have to measure.

Eggnog Sugar Cookies Can I just admit something pretty embarrassing (for bloggers anyway) here? I made these a year ago. And then I procrastinated (It’s a curse!). And then, well, the window closed for holiday baking. And that was that. Until now. However, in the intervening year (!), I have completely forgotten why I wanted to make these and what I was going to say about them. I mean, cookies = good. Eggnog = good. Eggnog cookies = good x 2. And, really, do they nee … Read More

via Patent and the Pantry