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Howard Stern….5 More years

Thirty-years or more ago, when he was on NBC, New York, I started listening to Howard Stern.  I’ve been an avid listener ever since.

I know what you’re thinking…….let me tell you why you’re wrong, in two words “free speech”.  Speaking truth and your mind, without censorship is important on so many levels.  The fact that it is a constitutional right, only begins to tell the story.  It is a constitutional right, because it is a basic human right, and was recognized as such, by this country’s “Founding Fathers”.  That many countries around the word do not recognize this most basic of human rights is sad on many, many levels. 

A citizens’ right to speak out against injustice,tyranny, religious persecution, and usurption of our fundamental rights as a human being, is no less important, than our right to say the sky is red when clearly it’s blue.  Wiki-Leaks is a prime example.

So it was with great joy that I greeted the news,  Howard Stern would be back for 5 more years.