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I Love My Life

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I Love My Life

As I start to feel at-ease in our new home…..


I am starting to feel a renewed sense of vitality, hope and anticipation.  I’m starting to feel a little artistic, creative and appreciative.  I look around me with a sense of wonder.  I start to look back at the recent past and look in anticipation, to the near future.  I am entering a new phase in my life.  I love my life.

I start my mornings, on one of our balconies facing the Gulf, a cup a coffee/tea or orange juice in my hand and anticipation in my mind.  The sea salts filling my lungs, a perfect view of the sea-gulls shitting on our cars, or my wayward cat making friends with the wildlife..snakes, gulls, armadillos, and raccoons.  It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to earn his keep. I have a front seat to the sun, both morning and evenings.  I count my blessings, dawn to dusk.  I end my days as I’ve started them.

I am starting to count every minute of the day as my salary, and I’m willing to work for half as much.  It is amazing how our lives can change by just separating ourselves from the “toxic jobs, lifestyles or friends and family”.  A good “house cleaning” is needed every once in a while.  If there is a God, He smiles on me daily, and I smile in appreciation.

My life is not perfect, but I have the ingredients to make it so.


Life is a Stew

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Today is a little rainy, a little overcast and a little melancholy.  Today is quiet, lazy, peaceful, restful and reflective.  Today is a good day.  Today is a  good ingredient for my life.

I’ve been thinking lately of how, “a good life, is like a good recipe”.  A good recipe starts with good ingredients, you add the spices, you prepare the dish then you serve it up with  a large helping of love.  A good life is much the same ; the recipe is made up of days, spiced with family, friends, co workers, strangers, chance meetings and random encounters.  It takes years to prepare, but the final product is always good if served with a lot of love.  When served in the right portions, there’s room for dessert,  and it will taste like, ” a little slice of heaven”.

I know the metaphor is a little weak and could use a little spicing up of it's own...but it gave me the opportunity to use this photograph of the ingredients of my beef stew.

How to Build a Better Baboon (via Decent Exposure)

All these photo blogs are making me want to run out and get my passport.

How to Build a Better Baboon I really like the image above, taken at Lake Nakuru, Kenya on a rainy afternoon (we had to go find our African guides and drag them out, but that’s a story for another day). If you like a photograph, it is not a bad idea to analyze it a bit to see what it is you like, so, just maybe, you can do that again some day. I figured out one major … Read More

via Decent Exposure

Tibet Day 7 (Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse) (via Adamlai’s Photoblog)

I stumbled across this Photoblog.   The photographs are great.  It makes you want to grab your camera and go…

Tibet Day 7 (Lhasa  - Gyantse - Shigatse) After 2 days rest as Lhasa, We continue our road trip to shigatse. Scenery along Lhasa river. The beautiful Landscape and the morning sunlight make a perfect photo The prayer flag mark the site of the water burial at Lhasa river. Though not considered as prestigious as sky burial, water burial is believed to be better than putting the body in the earth. the road soon bring us to a mountain area in which the road is construct around the mountain. … Read More

via Adamlai’s Photoblog